Top 5 Coolest Central Neighbourhoods in Sydney

Top 5 Coolest Central Neighbourhoods in Sydney

If you ever plan to pay a visit to the Land Down Under, make sure to stop by Sydney and try to get to know this amazing place. There is a problem here, however, which lies in the fact that Sydney itself stretches over 12,368 square miles and on its own consists of about 38 local government areas (each made up of several suburbs). What this means is that isn’t likely you will be able to see the entirety of Sydney in just one go. In order to help you make an itinerary for your first trip, here are top five coolest central neighbourhoods in Sydney.

1. Bondi Beach

Everyone who visited Sydney, or at least read about it, knows that this metropolitan area can boast with some of the most dazzling beaches you will ever see. Those who are interested in surfing, enjoying a beachfront view, charming seaside restaurants and countless gelato stores need to make visiting Bondi Beach their top priority. Another thing you need to know about Bondi is that it’s one of the most popular tourist spots in the city (or continent to be more precise), which also makes it incredibly tourist-friendly overall.

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2. Newtown

Another place you need to include to your list is the Newtown, which offers tourists with a wide array of activities for both sightseeing, dining or shopping. Those interested in spending a day in nature or making a picnic with their family can pay a visit to a 40-hectares-big Sydney park, while those who want to spend their day shopping may visit Leo Monk Handbags. Finally, this neighbourhood is also a home of King Street Theatre which is ideal for small performances and educational programs. It’s always worth your while to check what’s on the schedule here, seeing as how it will give you a completely new perspective on the Sydney.
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3. Chippendale

Those interested in the creative scene of Sydney need to keep in mind that Chippendale is its epicentre. Not only is the place rich in contemporary galleries, it also boasts with the unique Seymour Centre which takes the notion of both experimental dance, traditional renaissance drama and stand-up comedy to a whole new level. The place is also rich in amazing cafes, restaurants and some of the most incredible accommodation venues in the whole of Sydney. For instance, the famous boutique hotel in Chippendale is more of an accommodation complex than a hotel.

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4. Darlinghurst

Those who are looking for a neighbourhood with a lavish nightlife, multicultural restaurants or even a strong LGBT scene, simply cannot go wrong with Darlinghurst. In the past, this neighbourhood had a bit of a bad reputation when it comes to crime, drugs and prostitution but in the last few years, it has taken a 180-degree turn. In fact, the best way to describe the place would be to say that it is probably the closest you can come to the 1950s cocktail culture in 2017.
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5. Alexandria

Finally, those who are looking for a traditional tourist experience absolutely must visit Alexandria. Some of the most interesting tours that take place in the nearest vicinity of Sydney usually start from Alexandria. This means that if you plan for a Hunter Valley wine tasting tour somewhere in the next several days, you might want to settle here. Aside from this, there is something for the tech-savvy tourists as well, seeing as how it is home to an incredible VRcade, as well as a place with an access to the Jet Flight Simulator.

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The greatest problem with creating this list is the fact that there’s simply too much ground to cover. Any of the above-listed areas deserves a top 5, top 10 or even a top 20 list of its own. Needless to say, the only way for you to uncover all the things we missed out on is to go to the Sydney and see it on your own.

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