Planning An Overseas Trip Checklist

Planning An Overseas Trip Checklist:

Whether you’re travelling with a huge family or just travelling solo. These tips are the best way to plan a trip.
If you have been abroad already or if you’re planning your first trip abroad then this post will be a great resource for you. Travel planning can get very overwhelming and time-consuming. So I decided to create a planning an overseas trip checklist so you can tick off each step once you’ve completed them. Having and planning an overseas trip checklist will mean you don’t have to stress too much.
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Step 1 – Check You Have A Valid Passport:

Before you start planning on where you would like to visit, make sure you check your passport. A common mistake that people make is booking flights and accommodation at the last minute but not actually checking if their passport is still valid or if they even have a passport on them.

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Step 2 – Choose The Destination You Would Like To Visit:

Personally this is my favourite step to plan because without a chosen destination you won’t get far with the following steps.
Where would love to visit? What destination is in your price range?
Is it family friendly?

Planning An Overseas Trip Checklist -…s-trip-checklist/ Step 3 – Check Visa Requirements and Recommended Vaccinations:

Ensure you don’t need to apply for a visa before you leave for your trip away. Some countries/places require you to apply and fill out a visa before you go there. There can be other requirements that you need to sort out as well.
Vaccinations are always optional but can be suggested for places that carry viruses. There are  websites online in which you can check if you need vaccinations for your chosen destination.


Step 4 – Book The flights:

There are many websites and ways to book flights. You can go and see a travel agent or you can book flights online. Take a look at my ‘Top 5 Best Airfare Sites’ –

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Step 5 – Research and Book Accommodation:

As I said above in regards to booking flights, it’s the same with accommodation. You have the option of going to a travel agent or researching great places to stay online. Another option is having a look at online accommodation websites such as
Click on the ‘book now’ image to go directly to the homepage.

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Step 6 – Accessing Money:

If you are going to a country where the currency is different then of course you need to find a way to access that currency. Many airports have currency desks where you can exchange your currency for another. There are also other ways of accessing money for your trip. Such as ‘travel wallets’ and credits cards. I would recommend researching the best way to access the currency you need while travelling.

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Step 7 – Travel Insurance:

This is very important! If you don’t have travel insurance and you end up getting injured or have flight disruptions. Travel insurance could help you out with costs of medical care and other costs if need be.

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Step 8 – Write a Packing List: 

This is a very useful tip because it ensures that you remember everything you need when you’re packing, including important documents!
I have already written a comprehensive packing list for you –

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Step 9 – Research Places to Eat:

It’s always good to have a search about where the best places are to go to grab a bite in your chosen destination. This can help eliminate food poisoning. If you don’t research places that you know you will be ok to eat at, the risk of food poisoning may be increased. Especially if you’re going to a place where you have to be careful about where you eat and what water you can drink etc.

Step 10 – Research Activities To Do And Attractions To See:

When going away somewhere where you haven’t been before, it’s nice to have a search on the internet about fun activities to do. Although I also do recommend asking people that have visited that destination on what the best activities and attractions are to see and do while you are there.

Planning An Overseas Trip Checklist -…s-trip-checklist/

I hope this 10 step guide on planning an overseas trip checklist has helped you organise your next trip abroad. ~ 

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  1. These are great tips, perfect for first-time travelers! I’d add that in addition to making sure you have a valid passport, you also need to check the expiration date. Many countries won’t allow you to travel if your passport has less than 6 months left on it!

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