Packing Tips & Tricks For Travel:

Packing Tips & Tricks For Travel:

Whether you’re packing a suitcase to go away for 5 nights or three weeks. Here are some handy packing tips and tricks for travelling so you can make the most of the small space in your suitcase!;

Suitcases can get chucked and thrown around a bit when you are travelling especially when you drop your suitcase at airport check-ins, you never know if your bottle of perfume is going to survive or get smashed to pieces or if your chargers and jewellery are going to stay where you put them.

These tips and tricks can help prevent these things from happening:

1.Roll your clothes/outfits – if you roll your clothes then you will have more room in your suitcase as rolls don’t take up as much room as folded clothes do. There are heaps of videos that show you how to roll an entire outfit into one roll.

Packing Tips and Tricks For Travelling -

2. Put a pair of shoes into a shower cap – It keeps your shoes away from your clothes.
Packing Tips and Tricks For Travelling -

3. Put breakable items into a sock. Example: Perfume bottles.

4. Pack heavier things at the bottom of your bag, near the wheels e.g. Shoes & heavier clothes – this will make it easier to roll your suitcase because of the weight distribution.

5. Use your shoes as storage space.

6.  Place charger cords in a sunglasses case – this stops you from loosing them in your suitcase and from tangling.

Packing Tips and Tricks For Travelling -

7. Place your liquids in a ziplock bag or put a piece of cling wrap under the lid of your liquids  – this prevents them from leaking all through your suitcase.

Packing Tips and Tricks For Travelling -

8. Put hairpins into a tic tac container – this stops you from loosing them.
Packing Tips and Tricks For Travelling -

9. Put rings and earrings in a pill container – again this stops them from going missing.
Packing Tips and Tricks For Travelling -

10. If you are taking a hat away with you, put a shirt in the hat (as shown below) – this stops the hat from getting squashed.
Packing Tips and Tricks For Travelling -

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