Bali, Indonesia Travel Guide Part 1

Bali, Indonesia Travel Guide Part 1

Location of Bali:

Bali is an island located in Indonesia. Surrounded by a few smaller islands.
The Balinese currency is Indonesian Rupiah. Once you get to Bali it is quite cheap to eat there which is great if you’re on a budget. The Bali airport is great too. They have great places to eat in the international terminal and they have shops such as, Swarovski, Michael Kors, Duty Free and more. We flew to Bali in November so it was the ‘rainy’ season but it didn’t rain much at all.
Map of Bali -

We travelled from New Zealand to Sydney and then to Bali with Qantas.
I must say that their customer service was amazing. Really good service when figuring out where to put my mobility device when I walked onto the plane with it and when I got off the plane. Each staff member we walked past asked us if we were ok and if we needed any assistance. They also seen me in a crowd of people lining up to board the plane and came over and boarded me first so they could take care of my mobility device. Qantas staff didn’t make a fuss and didn’t make it seem like a big deal – which I loved. Honestly, I highly recommend this airline! The staff were very genuine, helpful and attentive.

Qantas -

Seminyak, Bali:

Accommodation in Bali: 

We landed in beautiful Bali and on arrival to our resort, the staff at The Breezes Resort and Spa were so friendly and welcoming with a helping hand. A fresh cold towel was given to us so we were able to cool down after our big trip. Our rooms were beautiful, they were so lovely and clean and on our table was a fresh bowl of fruit for us to enjoy in our room. Each day after our rooms were serviced, there would be a towel made animal placed on our beds which was nice.

The Breezes Bali -
The Breezes Bali -
The Breezes Resort:

The Breezes Bali Resort and Spa have swimming pools and a swim up pool bar. This resort run activities throughout the day like Bingo and Pool Volley Ball and they also have an activities desk, babysitting services and a child’s playroom. The Breezes also provide some relaxing spa treatments like the Olive and Honey Massage and the Skin Rejuvenation Treatment. This treatment included a floral foot bath, cocoa butter body massage, fresh cucumber body rub (or for the olive one, a fresh olive body exfoliation), warm honey mask and body moisturiser. These spa treatments were amazing and so relaxing. I also enjoyed a kukui nut and cucumber facial which was so refreshing and left my face feeling smooth and fresh. I highly recommend any one of these treatments. They have many more available in their spa brochure. You are advised to arrive 15minutes before your scheduled appointment to enjoy a chilled cup of tea. After your treatment you get to enjoy some little snacks and a hot cup of tea, along with a bottle of chilled water.
The Breezes Bali -
The next day we headed to breakfast and enjoyed another lovely bowl of fresh fruit and a delicious breakfast buffet. It was amazing and so delicious. I looked forward to breakfast everyday here!
The Breezes Bali -

The Service:

The staff are very friendly and kind here. They made sure our room was all ok and asked us if we had any issues with anything. We then sat by the pool, enjoyed a coconut cocktail or two (which again, was amazing) and lunch. The food and drinks were hand delivered to us on our sun loungers.
The Breezes Bali Resort and Spa -
We also enjoyed listening to the music on our balcony. It was being played near the pool bar down below our room and the staff called our room to ask us if the music was too loud. If so they would turn it down which was very considerate of them. We loved the music so we didn’t mind.
The Breezes Bali Resort and Spa -


The hygiene of this resort is fantastic. They have hygiene certificates in the reception area of the resort and they ensure that great hygiene is carried out in everything they do – cleaning the rooms, preparing the meals etc. You can relax here knowing that you won’t get sick which can be a worry when visiting Bali.

The Breezes Bali Resort and Spa -

Accessibility of The Breezes Resort and Spa:

Wheelchair accessibility of this resort is good, they have a ramp up into the entrance of the resort. They do have an elevator to the levels above. Although you do have to step up one step to the elevator, usually there is a ramp but it can be stored near the fire hydrant on the left hand side. The rooms are accessible and the showers/bathrooms are a reasonable size too.

The accessibility of Seminyak, Bali:

In general it’s ok, not impossible. I do travel in a manual wheelchair not an electric one so I personally don’t think you would get very far with an electric wheelchair as the footpaths often have holes in the middle of them or they can be uneven with no dip at the end of them which results in stepping down to cross the road.

Transportation in Bali:

We organised a van to pick us up from the airport which worked out great. We also just walked to and from shops and restaurants.

Activities to do in Bali:

Shopping: Great little shops around Seminyak. You are guaranteed to get a bargain in Bali.

Swim at the resort pools, you can swim at the beach too but we didn’t.

Spa Treatments: At the Breezes Bali.

Watch the Sunset: Head to a nearby rooftop bar or the beach to watch the amazing sunset, every night!

Sunsets in Bali - The Breezes Bali Resort and Spa -

Places to eat in Seminyak, Bali:

The Breezes Bali Resort Restaurant – Their restaurant was great. Lovely meal and very convenient. Highly recommend the mojito cocktails!

The Breezes Bali Resort and Spa -

Miura Seminyak – Located next to ‘Grandmas Hotel’ which is a very quick 2 minutes walk from The Breezes Resort. The food here was amazing. If you get the chance, you must try the ‘Pork Belly Popcorn’ it was delicious!


Bali, Indonesia Travel Guide Part 1 -
Grain – Located about 15minutes walk from The Breezes. This restaurant/cafe has coffee which is really good and their food is delicious too. I highly recommend going here. They have lots of vegetarian and gluten/wheat free options.

Double-Six Rooftop Bar – It is recommended to book in advance if you want to sit in a pod (best place for seeing the full view of the beach, sunset and Seminyak) or you can sit indoors. If you want to sit in a pod (best seating) you have to spend at least 1000,000Rp. There is a restaurant below the rooftop bar but we ate at the rooftop and the food was delicious. I recommend the popcorn chicken and casava chips and not to forget the passion fruit martinis!

Double Six Rooftop Bar -

Towards the end of our stay here, I was sad to leave this resort. I will definitely stay here again in the future! Although this stay was partly in collaboration with The Breezes Resort and Spa this doesn’t affect my review and opinion in this post. I highly recommend staying with the Breezes Resort and Spa.
I hope you enjoyed reading. ~

Bali, Indonesia Travel Guide -    Bali, Indonesia Travel Guide -   Bali, Indonesia Travel Guide -

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  1. Hi Brittany the Breezes Resort sounds amazing. I will have a massage with honey next trip. I’ll also try the different varieties of pop corn. Great article. Glad you enjoyed your trip.

  2. great blog brittany, it was my first time in bali and it was amazing, i was a bit scared to travel alone there but when i arrived it was relaxing and a great experience

  3. I agree I haven’t really thought of exploring Bali but that. Cucumber facial worn me over and the towel art hahah beautiful but the hotel view is amazing . Sounds like you enjoyed yourself. I’ll add this to my bucket list

  4. Wonderful article! I already had Bali on my to-do list, but this has really cemented it – it looks beautiful, and I’m glad that you got such good service both on the plane and at the hotel. Definitely makes the difference!

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