Airline Reviews

If you didn’t already know I love planes and flying! There are so many airlines around the world and it can get pretty overwhelming when choosing who to fly with. Because I like flying so much and hearing about people’s experiences when travelling with different airlines, I thought about creating a series where fellow travel bloggers and travellers can write a review about a particular airline that they have travelled with.
The first review is written by Cris, who runs a travel blog called ‘LooknWalk‘ and she reviewed her experience flying with ‘Ryanair’.

Ryanair – The love-hate relationship with a low-cost European airline.

When I researched my wedding anniversary trip to Greece (n.a. May 2017), I already knew what to expect in terms of who serves Athens and from where thanks to my previous extensive experience as a travel agent and travel consultant.

The choice ended up being between Aegean Airlines and Ryanair. It would have been my first flight with them. Again, my experience in travel already told me to maybe avoid them. But, some number crunching later, I decided that since I’d pay a lot on the high-speed ferry to the Cyclades, I may as well pay less for my flight.

Searching and booking are straightforward. What wasn’t? I wanted to be able to check in within 30 days of the flights and to get a second cabin bag. And I always pay for the seat I want. A useless chat later and a call that ate up all my credit from a secondary SIM, and I eventually found the answer thanks to my friends who flew Ryanair before. Yes, the only way to get what I want would be by adding priority boarding.

Thankfully, everything else was smooth. With priority boarding, boarding is not an issue. You are literally among the first people to get on the airplane. And it counts. On the way back, it was raining cats and dogs and we were so glad to make a run for it and fight any crowds on the stairs.

We were also lucky to have a super fun crew. They made some jokes about the weather in Budapest being better than in Athens. We left as the rain was pouring and landed in super sunny and hot Budapest. Also, we landed some minutes earlier than expected!

I know that this should be the norm. But things do happen. And when delays occur, all we want is for the airline to take care of the passengers. Unfortunately, Ryanair’s track record with that is not great.

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Photos and content were written and taken by Cris.