The Ultimate Travel Packing List

The Ultimate Travel Packing List:

Whether you’re off on your first adventure or going to travel somewhere, you can use this packing checklist to make sure you have remembered to pack everything you need before you leave.

You can either print out this packing list or choose to bookmark it and refer to it before your next trip. This ultimate travel packing list will ensure you don’t forget the important things.
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1.  Decide on a luggage bag:

I would recommend choosing luggage that is easy to manoeuvre and lightweight so you can pick it up without breaking your back. Depending on the length of time you are away for or depending on where you are off to, there are many luggage options to choose from.

Duffle Bag – These bags are great for quick trips and are simple, lightweight and easy to carry around.

The Ultimate Travel Packing List - Duffle Bag -

Carry-On – If you are able to pack light, having a carry-on bag would be a great way to travel around as they are usually light and you are guaranteed to not loose your bag and you will save your money by not having check-in bag fees. I would recommend taking a carry-on bag even if you do decide to take checked-in luggage. Check out my ‘carry-on travel essentials’ blog post here –

The Ultimate Travel Packing List - Carry-On Suitcase -

2-Wheeled Suitcase – Easy to push around, no need to drag it or carry it.

The Ultimate Travel Packing List - Two wheel suitcase -

4-Wheeled Suitcase – Great for not having to put weight on your wrists and easy to wheel your suitcase beside you.

The Ultimate Travel Packing List - 4 wheel suitcase -

Travel Backpack – Hands-free luggage, easier to carry around as it is carried on your person.

The Ultimate Travel Packing List - Travel Backpack -

2. Pack the basics first:

You will want to pack wisely, try not to over pack and depending on the weather and terrain you are visiting. You may not need to pack half of the things stated above. Example; if you are going somewhere hot and sunny then you probably won’t need a scarf etc.

3. Pack a Toiletry Bag:

If you are taking a carry-on bag be aware of the amount of liquids, gels, aerosols, creams, pastes and make sure you stick to the airline rules when travelling.
The Ultimate Travel Packing List - Toiletry Bag -

4. Health:

Depending on where you are travelling to, if it is internationally I would recommend packing some of the below.

5. Technology and Travel Comfort:

6. Lastly ensure you pack important documents:

  • Passport! (Double check your passport hasn’t expired)
  • Visas (if needed)
  • Frequent Flyer Cards
  • Cash and or Credit Cards
  • Travel Insurance Documents
  • Health Insurance Documents
  • Itineraries
  • Hotel Information
  • Transportation Tickets (bus, car, plane, train)
  • Emergency contacts.
  • Copies of all documents incase you loose your travel wallet.

I hope this ultimate packing list has helped you remember the essentials that you need to pack for your next trip away. ~

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The Ultimate Travel Packing List -                  The Ultimate Travel Packing List -

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