How to start a blog – 6 simple steps!

How to start a blog – in 6 steps:

Follow this step by step guide and you will be able to start your own blog!

1. Plan out what you want to blog about:
– You can cover all kinds of topics when it comes to blogging as long as you think there would be an audience for it. Travelling, cooking and lifestyle are all very common blog topics!

2. Choose your host provider + domain name:
– I would recommend choosing an easy / catchy domain name so your audience can remember it and also choosing a good host provider so you can get technical support if you have a question about your blog.
If you don’t know of any host providers, you can read my post about the host provider I use below (highly recommend them).
How to choose the best blogging platform for you!

Web Hosting -
Click on the image above to start your own blog/website today!

 3. Choose your theme for your blog/website:
– I would also recommend choosing a simple theme for your website as the more complicated the theme is, the more likely that people are going to click out of it. You want your audience to spend a good amount of time on your blog so keep it simple but interesting.

How to start a blog in 6 simple steps -

4. Start writing and posting regularly:
– This is important as you want to keep your audience engaged, so they don’t forget about you!

5. Share your content/blog:
– This step is very important as you want people to know about your blog or website so sharing is key when it comes to blogging.
I have also posted about how to generate traffic to your blog!
Check it out – How to generate traffic to your blog!

Generating traffic to your blog - read more here -

6. Install the SEO plugin and keep posting great content:
– SEO stands for ‘Search Engine Optimization’. This step sounds kind of confusing especially if you are still learning about blogging but you can read more about SEO by clicking the link below.
SEO – What is it?


SEO - Search Engine Optimization - read more about it here -

It is that simple!

Now you know how to start a blog – 6 simple steps!

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