Positive and Negative Thoughts

Positive and Negative Thoughts

Positive and Negative Thoughts – Part 1 of 2:
I’ve decided I want to start sharing some positive and motivational type posts on my blog and social medias. As most of you know I have a condition called dwarfism which means I’m quite tiny in height. Like really tiny…haha?

I have been told many times throughout my life that I am an inspiration, that I’m strong, that I’m amazing and people don’t understand how I get though the ‘tough’ (medical/health) situations that I have been through in my life and how they wouldn’t know how they would cope if it was them going through those situations. I honestly think that everyone is strong in their own way, sounds kinda cheesy but I think everyone is strong, including you.!

I’m just going through this journey of life just like everybody else is in this world. People often ask me ‘how do you stay so positive?’ and the truth is I’m not always positive and happy and I do have ‘crappy days’, we are human.
But our minds are powerful, very powerful. When you start to fill your mind with positive thoughts, you will soon see that your life will start to change for the better.

When you fill it with negative thoughts you will notice that not many things change or ‘get better’. It takes 21 days to form a new habit. I challenge you for the next 21 days to fill your mind with more positive thoughts about your life. ⚡
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Part 2 of 2: Positive Thoughts:

I always try to look at the positives even in the most upsetting situations but I do understand that it can be hard. Even I find it difficult sometimes. I will share one example from my life – Being told that I have to have another surgery, instead of being negative about the fact that I have to go and get ‘chopped up’ for what feels like the millionth time. I look at what the end result would be and that is to be pain free or whatever the reason.

Sometimes it’s hard to see the positives in a difficult situation or the reasoning behind it. I believe that everything does happen for a reason, whether that reason is obvious to you or not. We live and we learn from people, things, experiences and from our mistakes.

My point is life is too short to be negative and bitter about your life or about the situation you’re in. Some people are just trying to stay alive in this world and would love to go out and live their lives. For all we know, we may only get this one life, so go out and live it to the best of your ability and remember to always be kind to everyone you encounter. Be appreciative for the things you have and don’t forget to have fun! ✌⚡

Postive and Negative Thoughts - http://borntobealive.blog/welcome/positiveandnegativethoughts/

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