How I grew my Pinterest from 0 to 200k Monthly Views

How I grew my Pinterest from 0 to 200k monthly views.

Ever wondered how anyone grows their monthly views on Pinterest?
Over the years Pinterest has become more like a search engine like Google. Which makes SEO so important on this platform – read more about my post on SEO here –
You can literally type anything into Pinterest and you will find many pins in relation to what you’re searching. Personally I find Pinterest the easiest social media platform to grow on. If you would like to know how I grew my Pinterest from 0 to 200k monthly views then keep on reading. 🙂

I’m going to be honest. This is no quick one day process, it can take up to a few months to reach 200k. In this blog post I will tell you the best way you can grow your Pinterest. You don’t need to be an expert to grow your account. I started off reading many blog posts on how to try and grow and increase my monthly views but in this blog post I will save you the hassle of reading millions of different blog posts like I did and explain how I grew my account from zero monthly views to 200k monthly views!

First Of All – Figure out your niche:

If it’s more than one topic then create multiple boards.
Keep the board names simple. If your niche is travel then simply name your board ‘Travel Board’.

Create Group Boards: 

Find other accounts with similar niches and invite them to your board.
The more contributors you have in your group the more your board will grow.
Create rules for the group board also. For example; Say that they have to be following your account in order to contribute to the group board. (This also helps increase your follower count)
You can take a look at my group board here for some ideas on what rules to create –

*Want to join group boards yourself but can’t find any?
Take a look at the website I use –
It has many links to many different group boards that you can request to join. 🙂

Create High Quality Pins:

Great quality pins are usually clear, easy to read, vertical (not landscape) and have a great description. Remember to use clear and high quality pictures and having a description that has great SEO is a huge benefit so your pins can be found when someone searches up something to do with your niche. Make sure you have high quality pins as that will draw more attention to your audience and it will make people want to re-pin your pins. Some of the programs that I use to create my pins are ‘Canva’ and ‘Graphic Designer’. Both of these programs are free – yay!

Pinterest Threads:

Another process I think helps grow your account is doing threads. It is a fantastic way to get your pins shared and noticed. It also helps you find other people that are in the same niche as you. Threads can be time consuming to do but so worth it because when your pins get shared, not only will your pin get noticed but if you also have your blog/website linked to the pin, your blog or website will also get noticed as well which then drives traffic to your website or blog – how great is that! I would suggest you do these threads at least 3x a week, some people do them every day. I highly recommend taking the time to do these threads!
There are Facebook groups that you can join that hold Pinterest threads that you can be apart of.


Pinterest will show pins on your home page that are similar to what you’re niche is about or in relation to what you have been re-pinning. Remember only re-pin high quality pins and only re-pin pins to do with your niche and also put the pins in the correct boards. Some Pinterest ‘experts’ suggest that you re-pin 70% of your own pins into other group boards and 30% of other peoples pins. Personally I roughly do 50/50 and I don’t really worry about the percentages that much. I think re-pinning and commenting on other peoples pins also brings awareness to your account. Also consistency is very important with Pinterest. You will grow a lot quicker if you are consistent. 

I have been doing this process for a few months and I have gone from 0k monthly views to over 200k monthly views. It is not difficult to do but it does take a few months of persistence and I’m not going to lie, your stats can go up and down throughout the months but it should skyrocket if you are consistent. 

Also here are some of my monthly view stats over a few months to show the progress:

How I grew my Pinterest from 0 to 200k Monthly Views - How I grew my Pinterest from 0 to 200k Monthly Views - How I grew my Pinterest from 0 to 200k Monthly Views -

How I grew my Pinterest from 0 to 200k Monthly Views -
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How I grew my Pinterest from 0 to 200k Monthly Views -



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How I grew my Pinterest from 0 to 200k Monthly Views -