Easy Jet Airline Review

This week we have a review about Easy Jet written by Claire. Claire is a Money Saving Blogger at Daily Deals UK – the Money Saving Blog with a twist! Passionate about personal finance and helping people to live frugally, save money and cut costs.

As an avid deal hunter and money saving blogger you’d think I’d always opt for budget flights but this was actually my first experience. I have always travelled with my kids as part of a package holiday through Tui or Thomas Cook previously, but this time as it was just me travelling on a business trip, I decided to give budget airline EasyJet a try.

I must admit I was dubious, as a 5ft 10 woman who struggles with the leg space being way too cramped on all of the previous flights I have taken, I did opt for extra leg room seats there and back.  Although the flight was only two hours, I have heard that these budget airlines have very little leg room and as the flight was only £62 I didn’t mind paying the extra £21 each way to be comfortable.

I booked online direct from EasyJets website and it was pretty straightforward and simple.  I had an email the next day allowing me to check-in online which was great as I wasn’t taking any hold luggage so I was able to just go straight through security, which was really swift.

I was starting to think I’d made a great decision…

The gates were supposed to close at 7am ready for out 7.30am flight, but they didn’t even open them until 7.05am.  Then after 5 passengers had passed the gate, their machines break down! It took about 20 minutes to get it up and running again and after another 10 or so passengers it broke down again.  I was starting to realise you get what you pay for!

Easy Jets staff trying to reboot their systems.
Easy Jets staff trying to reboot their systems.

After about 40 minutes of chaos we finally started boarding the bus to the plane, literally ALL of us! Thank god it was a short journey because I was starting to get claustrophobic and annoyed.

Chaos on the plane transfer bus.

We all finally boarded the plane and I was looking forward to seeing how much leg room I had, I was soon disappointed.  Our leg room spaces were smack bang on front of a board, I would say they were no more than 5 inches bigger than the average seat.  Looking over to the opposite seats 1a,b&c I noticed they didn’t have the board, so that is definitely a lesson learned and a tip for anyone else looking to have a bit of space.  Thankfully I had that side coming home so it wasn’t too bad and by this time I just wanted to get to Prague.

Left Photo: Extra leg room going – Row 1d,e&f
Right Photo: Extra leg room returning – Row 1a,b &c

So we’re all finally boarded and ready to go when the captain pops out and says that he’s terribly sorry for the hold up but one member of the cabin crew hasn’t turned up so we’re just waiting on a replacement.  By this time I’m thinking to myself “never again”. She finally turned up and we ended up being around 1 hour 40 minutes late.

I really did feel this was far too many errors to be overlooked and I left feeling like I would never use them again and was dreading the journey home.

Thankfully….it was plane sailing (pardon the pun) perfectly on time, no blips and that huge amount of leg room really made me happy.  When weighed up with the very low cost, they definitely pulled me back as a customer and can now say I would definitely use them again.

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