Location: The island of Vanuatu is located in the South Pacific Ocean. It’s made up of around 80 islands. Stretching over 1,300 kilometres and around 65 of the islands are inhabited. The Vanuatu capital is Port Vila which is where my family and I stayed. We flew to Vanuatu with Air New Zealand.
The Vanuatu population is around 282,117. 

     Vanuatu Map - Vanuatu Accommodation:

Pacific Lagoon Apartments – My family and I stayed at the Pacific Lagoon Apartments. It takes around 20 – 30 minutes to drive there from the airport.
It is only a short bus ride to the centre of Port Vila. Pacific Lagoon apartments are self contained so you are able to cook if you don’t want to go out.
The accommodation has an outdoor pool which is great and a lovely outdoor area which has a BBQ that everyone can use. They also have kayaks that you can use in the lagoon which is only metres away from your apartment.
This accommodation is great for families and the service was great too.
It was clean and a lovely place to stay.
Photo of the lagoon is below and the outside of our apartment.  
Accommodation in Vanuatu -                                                    Accommodation in Vanuatu -

Places to Eat in Vanuatu:

Jill’s cafe – It is a good local place to go to grab a bite to eat. Nice food and good service.
Places to eat in Port Vila Vanuatu -

Wahoo Bar – It’s a 50 minute drive from the Pacific Lagoon Apartments. It is an awesome place to go for lunch or dinner. Great food and service.
Great view as well!
The amazing Wahoo Bar - definitely must dine here when visiting Vanuatu - read more here -

Paradise Cove – This resort has a great couple of restaurants and the food is really good. Another great place to go and you don’t have to be staying at the resort to dine at the restaurants. You can also go swimming in the sea while you wait for dinner.

Boots Brewery and Saloon – It’s Vanuatu’s first and only country and western themed restaurant. *Fun Fact: This Brewery has a cat that lives at the restaurant and his name is Boots. He also rings a bell when he wants fed.
The restaurant serves Texas type food e.g. BBQ ribs. The Boots Brewery and Saloon offers free tours from Monday to Friday.
Below is a photo of the Brewery and Saloon.
Port Vila Vanuatu -

Local Farmers Market – This is a great place to get local fresh fruit and vegetables at a very cheap price in the centre of Port Vila.
Vanuatu Markets -

Shopping – Port Vila has a few shops where you can buy souvenirs and other bit and bobs from. The main shops are located in the centre of Port Vila.

Transport Options in Vanuatu:

Around Vanuatu we caught the local buses. We also walked around the shops and restaurants. My family and I know a couple that live in Vanuatu. They picked us up from the airport but there are airport shuttles available.

Activities & Attractions in Vanuatu:

Blue Lagoon – A great place to swim in the amazing blue waters. There is an entry fee. Transport is needed to the Blue Lagoon if you are staying in the centre of Port Vila. Swimming is a great activity that everyone can do. There are some great places to swim like the Blue Lagoon. If you don’t want to pay to swim, you can swim in the ocean or the lagoons located around Port Vila.
The Blue Lagoon isn’t wheelchair accessible but it’s cool to go too anyway.
Below are some photos of Blue Lagoon.
Blue Lagoon Vanuatu -    Blue Lagoon Vanuatu -

Cascade Falls – Another great place to swim. There is an entry fee as well but this is an amazing site to go and swim at. Cascade Falls have beautiful rock pools you can swim in and a giant waterfall at the top. My family really enjoyed going here. Would highly recommend. Unfortunately this activity is not wheelchair accessible because you have to walk/climb up the rocks.
Below is a photo of cascade falls.
Cascade Falls Vanuatu -    Cascade Falls Vanuatu -

Take a tour around the island – There are tour companies that can take you and your family around the island to see the famous sites e.g The Vanuatu Survivor Islands. (From the programme Survivor). The tour we went on took us to these places e.g the Wahoo Bar etc.

Take a very quick boat ride from Port Vila to Erakor Island:
The boat ramp is not far from the Pacific Lagoon Apartments. Erakor island is private so it’s very relaxing. You can spend the day here or you can stay in the resorts. They have glass bottom canoes you can rent. (This was a cool thing to do but the water did have a few dead rats in it which wasn’t that great to see.). You can also dine in the restaurants or relax on the beach.
Below is a photo of the glass bottom canoe.
Vanuatu -

U – Power Zego Sea Adventures – This activity was AWESOME.
You will find U-Power at the pontoon behind the Port Vila Market House on the sea wall. My family and I done the 1 hour tour. The tour included driving the Zego’s around the different islands. Keeping an eye out for dolphins and turtles. Paradise Cove is the half way point so you can take turns at changing drivers. Everyone can have a turn at driving the Zego. You do have to be 18+ to drive one. You also have the opportunity to have a swim and snorkel but you do need to bring your own equipment. They provide lifejackets to wear for children and adults. The staff and tour guides are really helpful.
For prices and other tour options, click their website below.
Below is a photo of what a Zego looks like.
Activities to do in Port Vila Vanuatu -

Accessibility of Vanuatu:

The accessibility of Vanuatu is not that great unfortunately. The local buses are not wheelchair accessible and most of the sites aren’t either. Out of the places I’ve been too, it is probably the least accessible.

I hope you have enjoyed reading a bit about Vanuatu. Vanuatu is a great destination to go for families or couples. ~

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  1. I recently went to Vanuatu for a friends wedding. It’s a beautiful country – however, I was surprised to learn that Vanuatu is the least developed country in the South Pacific.

  2. That blue lagoon looks like the perfect place for a photo op! I hadn’t ever actually heard of this place before, but it seems amazing. Looks like I’ll have to add it to the bucket list!

  3. I really want to visit Vanuatu. I didn’t get chance when I was in New Zealand. You can’t see every island!! This one though looks beautiful and I have only heard good things!! One day I will get there 🙂

  4. Vanuatu is so far from where I live in Canada but I would definitely go if I was visiting that part of the world. I would probably head straight to the farmers’ market to check out the local fruits & vegetables and then take a dip in the blue lagoon. 🙂

  5. Cascade Falls look SO picturesque! Vanuatu has always been somewhere I’ve thought about visiting, simply because it has a cool name. Silly, I know. BUT having read this I can totally see it’s more than just a cool name.

  6. I have to admit Vanuatu was not on my list of places to see, but now that I’m reading about it…what a cool place to visit! I hope I get a chance to visit and bring the kids.

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