Carry-On Travel Essentials:

Carry – On Travel Essentials:

It’s a great idea to pack a bag with some carry-on travel essentials when flying on a long haul/international flight.

You don’t want to fly to a destination and realise that the airline has misplaced your suitcase or it has gone missing and you end up having nothing on you.
It is great to have a carry on bag with you with things that you need to help pass the time especially if you have a delayed flight or if you just need to fill in time. 

What to pack in your carry-on bag:

  • Passport – VERY important when travelling internationally.
    Passport for Carry-On Travel Essentials -
  • Travel documents & Wallet – Make sure you have all of your travel documents in a travel wallet or something similar so you don’t loose them. A travel wallet is great to put your money/credit cards and license in as well. 
    Wallet for Carry-On Travel Essentials -
  • Travel sized toiletries – toothbrush, wipes, makeup, earplugs, hairbrush, chapstick etc.
    Toiletries for Carry-On Travel Essentials -


  • Spare outfit + cardigan – good idea to pack a spare outfit incase your suitcase goes missing.
     Spare Outfit for Travel -
  • Headphones.
    Headphones for Carry-On Travel Essentials -
  • Phone + charger.
    Chargers -


  • Computer/tablet + charger

Tablet for Carry-On Travel Essentials -

  • Camera.
    Camera -
  • Neck pillow & eye mask.
    Neck Pillow and Eye Mask -
  • Snacks.
    Carry-On Travel Essentials -

Above are some ideas on some carry-on travel essentials while on an international flight. I highly recommend taking a bag on board! ~

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  1. Great list! I would also include toothbrush and toothpaste! The first thing I want to do after a long flight is change clothes and brush my teeth. Thanks for sharing.

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