Welcome to my bio! My name is Brittany! I was born with a rare condition of Dwarfism (short stature).

At birth I wasn’t expected to live for very long in fact doctors thought that I would only live a few hours or days. Obviously I proved them wrong. I’m now here writing this blog and sharing my experiences of travelling around the world. I wasn’t sure whether to create a blog as I’m no professional writer/blogger but I would really like to encourage people to travel.

Bio -
Me in Hawaii!

In my life I have been through 9 surgeries for various different things from spinal & neck fusions to having my femurs cut and realigned.
I can walk but with long distances I do need a wheelchair.
This website is to share my experiences travelling to different places in a wheelchair and just in general. I will share my experiences on the different places I’ve been too.

Check out my first blog post!

I hope you enjoy having a read 🙂

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