Bali, Indonesia Travel Guide Part 2

 Bali, Indonesia Travel Guide Part 2

The Royal Beach Seminyak, Bali

We arrived here by a very warm welcoming from the resort staff. We received a cold refreshing facecloth along with a fresh lemongrass infused glass of water. Really nice on a hot day in Bali. The concierge took our bags to our rooms. He explained everything in our room e.g. WiFi, what number to dial if needing assistance and explained what was complementary and what wasn’t.
We were welcomed by a little note on our bed which was nice. The resort is 25 years old so it does have a tired look to it in some areas of the resort but it is still a nice place to stay.

Bali, Indonesia Travel Guide Part 2 -

The Royal Beach Seminyak Bali Facilities:

The food here is good, I highly recommend the vegetable tempura and the breakfast buffet at the Capri’s Restaurant. The breakfast buffet has a huge selection of different cuisines/foods such as crepes, eggs, fruit, fresh juices, rice and pastries. They make your crepe and or eggs order right in front of you so it’s super fresh and hot! You can choose how you would like your eggs cooked and if you are having a crepe then you can choose which filling to go in the middle – ranging from sweet to savoury fillings. I looked forward to this breakfast every morning! The pools here are nice and relaxing. I would recommend that the pool towels need to be updated as one of them I used had a hole in it but other than that it’s a beautiful area and the pools are open until 8pm. There is an adults pool and another pool for everyone to use and of course sun loungers with bells next to them so you can press the button and a staff member will come over and take your food or drink order. The staff then deliver it to you, so again you don’t have to move a muscle. Something that took me by surprise is the price of the drinks here, compared to other places in Bali, it’s quite expensive to enjoy a drink here.

Bali, Indonesia Travel Guide Part 2 -

Bali, Indonesia Travel Guide Part 2 - The staff here are also very kind. I came across a lizard – yes a lizard and yes I freaked out because me and lizards don’t get on well, haha. The staff came over and moved him away for me. They probably thought I was ridiculous but they were very helpful! When you stay at the Royal Beach Resort you are surrounded by tropical, lush plants and ponds. The resort is located right next to the beach. You can walk straight down to the ocean/beach to watch the sunset/sunrise which is so convenient and it’s definitely a bonus to staying at this resort

Sunsets in Bali -

Bali, Indonesia Travel Guide Part 2 -

We also had a foot bath followed by a massage at the Namaya Spa at the Royal Beach. It was amazing! You can choose to be massaged with either frangipani, vanilla or eucalyptus oil. Personally I chose the frangipani oil and it smelt amazing. I even bought a little bottle of it to take home at 50,000rp. I highly recommend getting a massage here at the Royal Beach!
Bali, Indonesia Travel Guide Part 2 -

Accessibility of The Royal Beach Seminyak Bali:

This resort is pretty accessible for wheelchairs. There are paths that you can use for wheelchairs. Although there is a small lip/step to get into reception. Other than that you just have to use the paths.  The overall accessibility of Seminyak, Bali is explained in my Bali Part 1 blog post. You can read Part 1 here –

Activities to do in Bali:

Seminyak Square – located 5 minutes in a taxi ride you can shop around the lovely shops, we went here twice, they also have a mall you can shop in but it’s mostly filled with branded expensive shops.

Seminyak Square -

Swimming – You can swim in the pools at the Royal Beach Resort.

Balinese Thematic Dinner and Dance – This is an event held at the Royal Beach. It consists of a delicious buffet dinner and a beautiful Balinese dance performance. They have beautiful Balinese dancers that danced after the buffet and their costumes were red and yellow, very beautiful and bright! The Royal Beach hold the thematic dinner and dance near the entrance to the beach which is lovely as you can also watch the sunset whilst eating dinner. There is a cost to do this activity but it’s a great Balinese cultural activity to watch and be apart of. The dancers come and get you from your table after you have finished your dinner and encourage you to dance with them. The Balinese Thematic Dinner and Dance makes for a great night activity for the family or for anyone visiting the Royal Beach Seminyak Bali Resort. I highly recommend this activity!

Balinese Thematic Dinner and Dance -

Beach – Although we don’t personally swim at the beach. It’s a great place to watch the sunset or buy a floating lantern that you light and let go into the sky!

Seminyak Beach -

Places to eat in Bali:

The Royal Beach Restaurant – Nice food and very convenient.

– We mostly just went back to the same restaurants that I wrote about in my Part 1 Bali Travel Guide.

Although this stay was partly in collaboration with The Royal Beach Resort. This doesn’t affect my review and opinion in this post. I do recommend staying with The Royal Beach Resort. ~

Bali, Indonesia Travel Guide Part 2 -

Ayana Resort and Spa:

Located in Jimbaran. 45 minutes from The Royal Beach Seminyak Bali.
We stayed here for one night and it was gorgeous. They have 18 pools, WiFi, restaurants, including the famous Ayana Resort Rock Bar, Spa treatments, shops and more. This resort is huge!
I highly recommend staying here! Hopefully I get the opportunity to stay here again in the future. This is not in collaboration with Ayana Resort but it was too beautiful not to write about.

Ayana Resort and Spa Bali -
Ayana Rock Bar – View, Food and Drinks!
Ayana Resort and Spa Bali -
Rock Bar View of the Sunset.
Ayana Resort and Spa Bali -
We got to make our own perfume at Ayana Resort.
Ayana Resort and Spa Bali -
Infinity Pools looking over the Indian Ocean!
Ayana Resort and Spa Bali -
From left to right: Photo of part of the resort, Amazing looking ice blocks! Delicious Frozen Mint and Lemonade drink! One of the pools at night.

Ayana Resort and Spa Bali -

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