10 Tips For Nervous Flyers

10 Tips For Nervous Flyers:

Many people can feel anxious, nervous, sick and fearful before getting on a flight or during a flight.
Some people are scared of turbulence or the feeling of falling from the sky and others are afraid of crashing.
Whatever the reason may be, in this post I will post 10 tips for nervous flyers that may help ease the fear or nervousness of flying.

1. Distract yourself – Make use of a portable device or the onboard entertainment, watch a movie, listen to music.

10 Tips for Nervous Flyers -http://borntobealive.blog/welcome/10-tips-for-nervous-flyers/


2. Sleep – Try taking some natural sleeping or relaxing medicine because if you are able to sleep you can’t be nervous!

10 Tips for Nervous Flyers -http://borntobealive.blog/welcome/10-tips-for-nervous-flyers/

3. Make friends – Having a conversation with the person next to you could make you less nervous as again you will be distracted.

4. Fly during the day – Sometimes flying during the day can help you feel less closed in as there will be more natural light in the plane.

5. If you are fearful of the plane crashing – Research before your flight as you will find that the statistics show that plane crashes are extremely rare and it is more safer flying than it is driving.

6. Use calming techniques – Try meditating or focus on your breathing.
10 Tips for Nervous Flyers -http://borntobealive.blog/welcome/10-tips-for-nervous-flyers/

7. Make a playlist – Listen to calming music that will help you relax.

8. Focus on the positives – Flight attendants fly all the time/everyday and they are all perfectly fine.

10 Tips for Nervous Flyers -http://borntobealive.blog/welcome/10-tips-for-nervous-flyers/

9. Talk to your doctor or buy a natural calming medicine – Sometimes if you are too nervous to fly then talking to a doctor may help and they may prescribe you an anti-anxiety medicine or you can buy a natural calming medicine at a pharmacy.

10. Tell the flight attendants that you’re nervous – Flight attendants can be great at reassuring you that it will be ok and they can be really helpful.

10 Tips for Nervous Flyers -http://borntobealive.blog/welcome/10-tips-for-nervous-flyers/

I hope these 10 tips for nervous flyers help you or someone you know in some way!~

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http://borntobealive.blog/welcome/10-tips-for-nervous-flyers/     10 Tips For Nervous Flyers - http://borntobealive.blog/welcome/10-tips-for-nervous-flyers/

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